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"Andrea was a fantastic manual teacher.  Very patient, helped me get my confidence up from changing from auto to manual.  Would recommend her to anyone swapping licences or beginner drivers.  10/10 :) "  Hannah

"I couldn't be more happy when I passed my driving test! I had barely any manual driving experience but when I did lessons with Andrea and Andy I learnt fast and was so much more confident in driving a manual! When I went for my licence I definitely was confident and I was prepared.  I would 100% recommend doing driving lessons with them, they were great! :)" thankkkyou again Andrea & Andy :):)








"Andrea was a great driving instructor! She was a very thorough and professional driving instructor, who made me feel at ease before my test and ensures that you're ready for any situation. The test simulations are extremely helpful and provide you with an insight for the test itself allowing you to gain key feedback and get an idea of the test routes. Andrea took me through several test routes so that I was familiar and confident when going for my test. Thank you Andrea and Andy for all your advice and time to help me pass my test!!"           Deanne

Andrea was a very professional and fantastic driving instructor.  I changed from auto to manual without any problems due to Andrea's patience & advice, which gave me confidence in myself that I made the right decision.  The simulation with Andrea and Andy was very good and helpful.  I would definitely recommend Andrea to all my friends and anyone who needs driving lessons. Thanks Andrea for making it a good experience for me.
'I was really nervous about going for my licence and having driving lessons, but Andrea fixed that from my first lesson! She was always patient with me and she didn't raise her voice once. She was so friendly but really helped me prepare for my driving test with heaps of hints about tricky areas on the test routes. I would highly recommend her to anyone!   Thanks again for your amazing lessons!"

"Before I started lessons with Andrea, I had almost no manual driving experience and was not looking forward to learning it.  But through her patience and helpful advice, combined with her ability to make a lesson fun, I was able to pick it up in no time and get my manual licence!  Would recommend Andrea highly to anyone learning to drive!"   Sean






"Thanks Andrea - loving it already"      Luke
"After learning with a few instructors, I was finally happy when I found Andrea who helped me to PASS my drive test.
The test simulation with both Andrea and Andrew was worth it and would definitely suggest doing it!  Andrea was so calm in the car and she helped me to relax and to gain confidence when driving on the roads.  I highly recommend learning with Andrea :)  I am now more confident on the road after driving with her!!
Thanks again Andrea :)  xx"       Alana



"I completely loved learning to drive manual with you and wouldn't have my licence without your help.  I would definitely recommend you to all my friends that are learning to drive."         Bronte
“Andrea really should win the award for the best driving instructor ever! Not once did I ever feel uneasy when I was in the car with her. Andrea has many wise words of wisdom concerning all the strange roads in Mooroolbark, and taught me how to handle the strangest situations. I was pretty scared about going for my manual licence, but after a few stalls here and there I was all good to go, thanks to Andrea’s encouragement! I would highly recommend Andrea to anybody who wants to pass their licence, and would definitely suggest completing the test simulation- it was awesome! Thanks so much Andrea and Andy.  
            Love Jess”  
"Andrea was a great instructor who took me around the test courses and pointed out the tricks of the trade.  Lessons were so helpful and productive, not just for the test but for everyday driving.
Would highly recommend!"
"Andrea was an awesome driving instructor!!  She was really thorough and made me feel well prepared and confident for my licence test!  She took me through heaps of test routes so I was familiar will all the roads.  The test simulation was really valuable and gave me a good idea of what to expect during the test.  I would definitely recommend Andrea as a driving instructor.  Thanks so much to both Andrea & Andrew for helping me to become a better and safer driver!"                 Sarah


"Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you to Andrea and Andy. I went to Andrea with no experience in a manual and only a month to go. They quickly took me on board, scheduled me into last minute appointments and I passed my drive test first go. I would recommend them any day and am so lucky to have been taught by such a professional and excellent team.
Thank you!" ...............Natalia
"I have to say without the driving simulation my licence would be non existent!  Thankyou Andrea & Andy for that.  It's a really great way for you to see how you will be judged and what the testers will be looking out for during the test.  I'm glad I found Andrea's A.C.E. Driving Academy.  After the first few lessons I was already more confident and here I am now driving by myself!!   I would recommend them to anyone,
 thanks again :) "               Hayley

"Thank you Andrea & Andrew for being fabulous instructors.  You helped me polish my skills to ensure that I passed my test and always made me feel comfortable and confident.  I would highly recommend Andrea & Andrew to anyone contemplating a driving instructor!"    Johy




"Andrea is a fantastic driving instructor! Without her I would not have been able to get my P’s. Andrea made me feel very confident and helped me become a safe new driver. She has a very friendly and kind attitude that instantly calms your nerves.
I found the simulation lesson to be very helpful from both Andrea and Andrew. Their feedback was positive and I was able to tweak any last minute areas before my test.
In my lessons leading up to my test, Andrea showed me heaps of test routes in Mooroolbark which was extremely helpful. Now I will never get lost in Mooroolbark.  She also gave me handy hints, that other instructors might not tell their students.
Thank you to Andrea and Andrew.
If you are looking for the most amazing driving instructor, I highly recommend Andrea.
Personally I think she should be awarded the
         medal for best driving instructor.          Cheers Maddie"
"I passed my licence - this is the best day of my life the feeling of achievement wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for Andrea - thank you for everything & for puttin' up with me - I couldn't
be more grateful (:"         Tegan


"After being taught basic driving skills by my parents I was in need of an instructor to prepare me for the driving test. Andrea taught me all the extra skills I needed to pass first time, despite my nerves. I found the practice driving test with another instructor in the backseat to be very helpful in showing how the test would run on the day, and definitely felt familiar with possible test routes and what I would have to do when the time came. I'd definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a great driving teacher!"         Elizabeth
"I'm really really thankful having Andrea as my instructor. Thanks to her teachings my confidence and skills get better. She's very friendly and supportive. With that I passed my driving test. A++++++++++++++ for both of you Andrea and Andrew and super heaps of Thanks!"        
"I would like to say thank you to Andrea for being a fantastic driving instructor. I first started lessons with Andrea with little to no experience in a manual car, but I had to learn as I had just purchased one. Her calm yet persistent attitude helped nervous me to become a vastly improved driver; from the days where I would stall at the lights and bunny hop down the road to passing my test. Andrea teaches her students not just to pass but how to be safe and courteous drivers (that give way to old ladies). I could not recommend Andrea enough and for anyone looking to learn to drive manual or just to practice do not look past her as she does an excellent job."              Vienna
"I got my P's!! Best day of my life! :) Thank you Andrea!!"   Ash

"I would like to express my thanks to Andrea for her patience and encouragement .
I am a UK driving licence holder but felt somewhat nervous about driving here without  having the benefit of a couple of lessons to familiarise myself with certain road rules and road conditions in Australia.
My first requirement was to find an instructor who was able to give me lessons in a manual car – this Andrea was able to do.
Her friendly, calm manner made the experience a very positive one for me.  
Thank you again Andrea"          Irma
"I had tried several driving instructors prior to Andrea.  I wasn't comfortable with any of them so I kept searching until I found Andrea. I found her friendly and encouraging attitude put me at ease immediately. Although I only had lessons with her for only a few weeks before my test, she improved my driving technique a great deal and that allowed me to pass my test the first time!  The range of lessons on offer were great too.  These allowed me to have instruction in many different conditions.  I had a night driving lesson  as well as a simulation driving test, but at no extra cost to a regular lesson.  The simulation lesson with another instructor in the back assessing me was particularly valuable as it pointed out to me the areas that I needed to specifically work on before the actual test.   I was quite nervous coming up to my test but Andrea was able to help calm me and get me to laugh about it. She even picked me up at 7am during school holidays to take me for a lesson before my driving test. Andrea is an excellent, kind and friendly driving instructor and I highly recomend her to anyone looking for lessons."       Maddie

"Without Andrea I wouldn't have been able to pass the test.  Andrea makes all her students feel like they're her favourite."
"My name is Matthew and I am a p-plate driver who got my licence through Andrea’s A.C.E. Driving Academy.
Although I was learning how to drive with my parents, I thought I needed to have some formal driving lessons with an instructor so that I could undo any bad driving habits that I had picked up along the way.  I also needed to be confident that I would get my licence so that I could travel to university each day and I was still not confident that I would pass.
Not only is Andrea an accredited driving instructor, she was good because she was patient, relaxed and softly spoken – which all made a big difference.  She knew the local testing area and gave me heaps of tips on how to improve my driving and how to pass my test.  She also told me about the “Keys 2 Drive” free learner driver safety program lesson (funded by the government) which I did not know about but which my Mum and I found very informative.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea very much for all the skills she has taught me and for helping me to get my licence at my first attempt.  I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a skilled driving instructor."           Matthew


"I only started taking lessons from Andrea a couple months before I went for the test. Andrea was able to teach me how to drive safely, get me out of my bad driving habits and gave me valuable tips which all helped me ace my test. Andrea made these lessons fun and enjoyable, Thanks again Andrea."   James


"Just wanted to say thank you for all the lessons and for helping me to get my licence.  It was great learning from you and it helped me to better understand how to drive safely and smartly.  Having my licence is so much easier than catching the bus!!"      Grant
"Thanks to Andrea for giving me the skills and confidence needed to be a safe and vigilant driver, without the help from her I wouldn't have gotten my P's, thanks a whole heap!!"      James



"Although I have my own car, I found it hard to find a friend or family member to take me driving. In searching for a suitable instructor I found Andrea, and I was very happy to see that she taught manual lessons, as some other places don’t offer them. I needed my manual licence, as my car is a manual. I was even more pleased when I had my first lesson and she was so nice and helpful. Andrea is patient, but perseveres until you get it right. She was always reassuring when I was anxious and encouraging when I was in doubt. The keys2drive lesson was really great, too. Andrea’s husband came along for a few of my lessons, and he shares the same great qualities as she. On the day of the test I was nervous, of course, but also, I was confident that Andrea had taught me more than enough to pass – and I did pass, first time! During Andrea’s lessons, she didn’t just teach me how to pass the drive test, but taught me how to be a safer driver on the roads. She made getting my P’s safe and easy.  I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Andrea!"           Cassie

"I did not own a manual vehicle, and relied entirely on lessons with Andrea to progress.  Adapting to a manual vehicle was harder than expected, but in Andrea's hands I was quick to learn.  In a word, what Andrea offered was balance.  I wasn't pushed too hard, nor was I allowed to develop bad habits.  I was made aware of road rules and given manual driving tips, but was not bombarded during the first lesson and expected to remember everything.  I was taught not merely how to drive for the test, but how to drive safely in general.  With only a relatively short period of lessons, I passed the test the first time with ease - I put this down to Andrea's balanced, thorough teaching and her supportive, friendly approach.  I actually enjoyed the lessons!"        Anthony

"I highly recommend Andrea Moran. My son just passed his drive test 2 days ago, with flying colours (the testing officer said she hadn't had such a good driver in a long time). Andrea is easy going, a great instructor as well as meticulous, all in one. I got to sit in the back during the Keys2drive lesson for my son. I'd contacted 11 drive instructors & talked to most - I'm choosey - and Andrea came out on top. Can't praise enough!"   Kate*****************************September
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