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Licence Test
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0409 424 436       03 9879 9691
We base ourselves around Mooroolbark Vic Roads


Congrats to our 2019 students with an overall first time pass rate of 97.5% once again
We pride ourselves on teaching you to be safe, not just to pass the test :)

A big congrats to our 2018 students with an overall first time pass rate of 97.5%
Take care out there and be safe :)

Congrats to our 2017 students with an overall first time pass rate of 96.79%
A little down on last year, but still a great result
Please stay safe and take extra care

A huge congrats to all of our students in 2016
We are so happy with our first time pass rate of 98.9%
Please take care and stay safe :)

Well done to all of our students in 2015
We have improved just slightly on last year's first time pass rate - achieving 96.7%
Congratulations to you all and wishing you a lifetime of safe driving

We are very happy and proud to have beaten our first time pass rate in 2014 by a small, but significant 0.5% to achieve 96.5% Congratulations to you all
Let's see if we can do even better in 2015
And most importantly remember we teach for life not just to pass your test!!

We are very proud to say that in 2013 we achieved a first time pass rate of 96%!!

Please DO NOT BOOK YOUR DRIVE TEST without checking our diary first, as we are experiencing a number of double bookings and must honour the first booking to come through

90 Minute Lesson & Drive Test $240
Price includes 90 minute lesson before hand, drive test and taking you home (if time allow)
Please note Vic Roads fees are not included

If you would like to do your test in your own car, then we are happy to meet you 90 minutes beforehand at Mooroolbark Vic Roads or from home, in order to go over some last minute driving in either our car or your car, then settle you into the Vic Roads office.
Please also be aware that when using your own car, it must be compliant with Vic Roads Criteria, ie. central handbrake, speedo completely visible from front passenger seat and 100% roadworthy!
Cash, Bank Transfers, Visa & Mastercard Welcome
Vic Roads Fees & Charges as from 1st July 2019:

 Drive Test                                               $64.60
 Hazards Perception Test                       $37.80
 Auto to Manual Test                               $64.60
 Learner Appointment & Test                $43.60
 Booking Transfer                                   $19.00
Learner Permit Issue                             $25.20

How to book your Hazard Perceptions & Drive Test

You can book your tests online

If you would like to see what the HPT is all about, you can do a trial test through the following link.  The Vic Roads website has all the other information you will need to know at the test.

Please note that a Combined Appointment is no longer available with Vic Roads

You now must book your Hazards Test and Drive Test separately and will need to pay two booking fees

To book your Hazards Test
you will need to select Burwood or Mooroolbark or a Vic Roads Office convenient to you
(Please note Mooroolbark now has Learner Permit and Hazards Test facilities)
Please book this test at a time and date convenient to you

To book your Drive Test
you will need to select Mooroolbark for this test
Please contact us if you would like to take your test at a
different Vic Roads Office!
Please then select a date and time (suggest 11.25, 12.05 or 1.15)
This allows us enough time to complete a 90 minute lesson before your test
Before making your final booking, please contact us to check our diary and avoid being double booked
0409 424 436

If you need to change your drive test appointment, you can do this online, but you will need to do this at least 24 hours before your original booking
Please don't forget to check with us to make sure we are not already booked!

Test Day

What to Bring on Test Day & Fees
Learner Permit Card
Hazard Perception Test Results (if you have them, otherwise on file at Vic Roads)
Learner Log Book, completed with signed Declaration
Appointment Booking Number
Glasses or Sunglasses (if required)
Payment to Vic Roads for Licence Fees (cash, EFTPOS, Visa & Mastercard)   This is not included in your original booking fee!!
                          Vic Roads Fees & Charges as from 1st July 2017

                                     P1 Licence              4 years       $110.30
                                     P2 Licence              3 years         $82.80
                                     P Plates                                         $4.85
                                     Full Licence            10 years      $283.60
                                     Full Licence              3 years        $82.80
                                     Auto to Manual                             $31.50
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