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Do you know how dangerous mobile phones are when you are driving?  If not, then watch this short video and for the safety of us all please stop texting and using your phone when you are behind the wheel.

Don't forget 50 is the maximum safe and legal speed limit in residential areas and if you don't see a speed sign then assume it will be 50!!

School times apply on all public school days, regardless of whether your local school is open or not, as there may be other schools open nearby.

School Zone Times:          8am to 9.30am
                                            2.30pm to 4pm

Also please remember that often when there is a school located in a residential 50 zone that there may be a 24/7 40 speed limit around that school!!  That means that it applies all the time and not just during school times!

Thanks to Eastlink News May 2013 for the following:

VicRoads videos about road safety and common road rules

Thanks to Jeremy for this quote:
"Patience is a Lifesaver"

Did you know that in South Africa a roundabout is called a circle, traffic lights are called robotics and give way signs say yield?? 

Thanks to our student Penny and her mum Corine for these interesting facts.

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